Renaissance Alternative Music Festival is an independent music festival
aimed at supporting and diffusing alternative music.

It's a music event born from fans for fans dedicated to give space to both new and established bands and artists with particular focus to the alternative underground scene.

It is made for people who love and appreciate music, and want to discover new artists and bands.
It's for those who enjoy great shows, and for everyone who is part of the alternative movement.

The festival is not based on a single music genre and mainly promotes all alternative music such as Metal, Industrial,
Punk, Gothic, Rock, Steampunk as well as Acoustic, Noise and Percussive acts and everything in between and possibly beyond while also giving space to alternative visual arts.

R.A.M. Festival aims to bridge the gap between mainstream music festivals and the live music that plays live
in venues all the year around.

Renaissance Alternative Music Festival, let's spread music together!

This is a 100% independent Festival and aims at supporting the best alternative Art and Music. Live Music plus special guests, art exhibitions, DJs, cabaret and more. It is an all day event with live bands, art exhibitions, DJs, and more, starting at noon for a non-stop live music event celebration.

Looking forward to the return of the RAM!

Renaissance Alternative Music Festival - 11th Edition: Open Air Roadshow
26 May 2024
Crystal Palace Concert Bowl

Crystal Palace Park
London SE26 6UT

10:30am - 8:30pm






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