Splen-dor (splen'der ) n. [see prec.] 1. great luster ; brilliance 2. pomp ; grandeur. and one might add: 
adj. [< splendere to shine  ]1.  ingenious ; unique!

Since their dramatic emergence on Halloween, five years ago, Splendor has been steadily  attracting an enthusiastic fan base and considerable media coverage.
In the months that  followed their debut , Splendor  began  appearing with an international line-ups of talent and performing throughout Poland and neighboring countries. However, despite Splendors participation in traditional rock venues, they have been   independently  gaining a reputation for breaking established stereo-types and setting new performance standards : by successfully combining incongruent, musical genres, resulting in  a soul gripping-hard rockin-disco-pop sound, unrivaled by the popular music  in Poland today, where "visual rock" is virtually unknown to the mainstream.
With a keen appreciation for fine art, Splendor has expressed  its profound reverence by welcoming fellow artists, dancers and mimes to share their stage  and co-create an  enthralling balance of “sound and vision”.
Splendor is currently  responsible for its own promotion, consistantly drawing worldwide attention to their shows, photos and numerous videos, while enjoying close contact  with their large  circle of fans and fan sites-via the internet.
In recent months they have also  made many friends in both the  music industry  and show business, including an invaluable association with the preformance artist/musician "Peaches"  ,who has invited both Bart Cathedral and Michael Provocatuer to dance with  her on stage and in one of her  recent  music videos. 
Eager to play abroad and embrace the possibility of opening  for a world  tour,
they are actively seeking management and  looking to  sign  with a major record label.

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