Harsh noise, circuit bending and rough music since 2000AD

Multi-functional Noise Enterprise Program Cementimental supplies the total 2 track/truck of the tornado condition which is separated. The AA said the motorist's actions highlighted "there are drivers out there outside the mould of normality." Cut up tape recorder gods' little toy fading, bookstore ink running, interesting music play while crawling. When the animal climbs down, it believes the grass is the ground, releases its grip on the tree, and subsequently falls. [citation needed]

"found the place, late, missed Cementimental" - Artrocker Magazine

"I then managed to miss Cementimental which was annoying because all I did was smoke a fag and he'd finished. Apparently he smashed up a bunch of equipment. I got downstairs in time to hear some applause so I'll go ahead and say he did a good set anyway. Or at least good enough that some people clapped." - Stuart London.

"so i listened to your soundcloud. i don't quite get this, it just sounds like someone knocking loads of condenser mikes over during a band practise for 5 minutes straight..... do people just freak out to this or something?" - Noblet, Drowned in Sound forums

Renaissance Alternative Music Festival - All rights reserved

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