This year lineup is:

Die Kur
Global Citizen
Machine Rox
Little Death Machine
The Physicists
Engineering Works
Hate Vessel
Stereo Skull
Dj Translight
Brown Glove
Ays and Takatsuna Live Set

Dj Vade Retro (Reptile / Antichrist), Dj Terminates Here (Tragedy/, Dj Alan Hanna (The Fix! / TBFM / HRH Radio), Dj 69 (Retribution Alive), Dj Jo The Waiter (Slimelight), and Dj Zaira

plus special guests:

Cabaret Show by
Nigel Osner (Extract of Cabaret Show Angel to Vampire)

Photography Exhibition by
Veronique Rosenoir
Torturett Photography
David Newbold

Life Drawing Session by
Art Model Collective

Comic Exhibition by
Satanic Mojo Comix

Hosted by Andrew Hobbs (K2K Radio Rock Show/Facsimile Productions)

Looking forward to the return of the RAM!

Renaissance Alternative Music Festival - All rights reserved

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