Welcome to the 7th Edition of Renaissance Alternative Music Festival held on Sunday April 23rd at the Lounge 666.

Renaissance Alternative Music Festival is an all day event with many live bands, artists, DJs and more starting at midday until midnight for a non-stop live celebration.
Renaissance Alternative Music Festival is a 100% independent and aims to support the best alternative Art and Music.

This year lineup is:

Die Kur
Global Citizen
Machine Rox
Little Death Machine
The Physicists
Engineering Works
Hate Vessel
Stereo Skull
Dj Translight
Brown Glove
Ays and Takatsuna Live Set

Dj Vade Retro (Reptile / Antichrist), Dj Terminates Here (Tragedy/Terminatershere.co.uk), Dj Alan Hanna (The Fix! / TBFM / HRH Radio), Dj 69 (Retribution Alive), Dj Jo The Waiter (Slimelight), and Dj Zaira

plus special guests:

Cabaret Show by
Nigel Osner (Extract of Cabaret Show Angel to Vampire)

Photography Exhibition by
Veronique Rosenoir
Torturett Photography
David Newbold

Life Drawing Session by
Art Model Collective

Comic Exhibition by
Satanic Mojo Comix

Hosted by Andrew Hobbs (K2K Radio Rock Show/Facsimile Productions)

Looking forward to the return of the RAM!

Renaissance Alternative Music Festival
Sunday April 23
The Lounge 666
1 Archway Rd,
London N19 3TD

Nearest Underground Station is Archway

Advance Discounted Tickets available now at




Renaissance Alternative Music and Art Festival is an independent music festival
aimed at diffusing alternative music.

It's a music event born from fans for fans dedicated to to give space to both new and established alternative bands and artists.

It is made for people who love music and have a good ear and want to discover new sounds and melodies,
for those who enjoy great shows and for everyone who is part of the alternative movement.

The festival is not based on a single music genre and mainly promotes alternative music such as Metal, Industrial,
Punk, Gothic, Rock, Steampunk as well as Acoustic, Noise and Percussive acts and everything in between and possibly beyond.

R.A.M. Festival aims to bridge the gap between mainstream music festivals and the live music that plays live
in venues all the year around.

Renaissance Alternative Music Festival, let's spread music together!

Renaissance Alternative Music Festival - All rights reserved

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