Two founding members of Stereo Skull are Arthur and Aivars started their musical journey in Riga, Latvia. At the peak of their success they played around the Baltic States with different style such as thrash metal and industrial rock bands, also made appearance on National Latvian Television. As they were seeking for personal growth and new challenges in their music career, in 2009 they moved to UK and launched project Psycho Trigger, which was the solid ground for founding Infernal Backfire, as their music progressed and there been some changes in line up in late 2013 they renamed band to Stereo Skull. So far they've played gigs locally, got acknowledgment from audience and now set goals for the year 2014, such as writing their promo material and gigging. In the future Stereo Skull plans to release debut album, build strong creative team and perform unique and entertaining quality shows around the world.

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