(formerly Francesco Fonte Band)

‘Kuiper Belt’ 8SNAKE lockdown album out worldwide on all music platforms Friday 7th August 2020. Now on pre-order on bandcamp where you can make your own offer from just £0,50 to any amount you’d like to pay. https://8snake.bandcamp.com/album/kuiper-belt

The Kuiper Belt album idea came out during the writing process for another future album. Considering that we are in lockdown, we couldn’t meet each other to jam and put together new ideas. So we thought we would go back through some of our old recorded jam sessions instead and we found some good input for the album, even though we’re still writing. Doug (our bass player) luckily recorded our jam sessions since 2014 till now. To our surprise, we realised that the material we had recorded already at the Music Complex – London during our jams was well performed and actually sounded good enough to even be considered for a proper release. Wayne (drums) had the idea to choose some of the best tracks and to make an album out of it, which we all agreed on. Doug did not just record the full album but even mastered the entire release - he did an impressive job!

In this moment we thought it would be a great idea to release a live album considering that we can’t play live for the time being. The best thing about this release is that all tracks have been played just once. None of the tracks were ever rehearsed or played twice. All tracks are pure improvisations and there was no intention from us to make it sound that tight or to release an album. The tracks are frozen in time, left behind, like most of the Kuiper Belt objects, frozen volatiles (termed “ices”) but we’re here to bring them back to life.

The album artwork is just unbelievable. It’s a sculpture inspired by the change of our band name. John Summers the sculptor met Francesco Fonte, our front man in an art gallery. John is a brilliant artist, he liked ‘Eight’ our previous album under the name Francesco Fonte Band (2018) before we changed it to 8Snake. John got inspired by our music project and the way it has evolved. The sculpture is about 6ft tall, John said the title of the album fits the image perfectly. The white complex form is inspired by geometric forms but it’s completely organic, also the face gave us the impression it could be looking out into the Belt. The face of the sculpture is like a mask and the white complex form is his true identity, his true complex presence.
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8SNAKE (formerly Francesco Fonte Band) A progressive Rock band based in the UK, formed in 2011.
Previous releases include the debut album 'Blue Omens' (2011) and the EP 'Arousal Addiction' (2013).
The new album 'Eight' was released through NMTCG records on June 1st 2018 has been reviewed through webzines and radios worldwide and they have been compared to the perfect mix of Pink Floyd, Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Nick Cave and The Doors, and melded it together to come up with their own unique sound. In September 2018 the trio played at Red Roar Festival (UK), they supported Esprit D’Air a sold out event at Boston Music - London and toured Luxembourg and Belgium.
Their first show in 2019 has been at The Dome-London for Die Kur's 20th Anniversary, following Renaissance Alternative Music festival at the Electrowerkz – London and Reptile club night - London.
Then onto their own European tour 'Desert And The Moon Light' In 2019.
The same year they supported Diamond Black on their debut single launch in London.
They are now working on a new album under their new name 8SNAKE, expanding the scope of sounds that make this band unique.
With their next upcoming album they’re planning to tour the UK and Europe.


New album link: francescofonteband.bandcamp.com/album/eight



‘The perfect mix of Pink Floyd, Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Nick Cave and The Doors. 8SNAKE (formerly Francesco Fonte Band) has taken certain aspects of the aforementioned groups, and melded it together to come up with their own unique sound’

Dan AKA - Ronon

‘This band has a huge sonic footprint, I was very surprised they were a trio.

So, a band who have defied description throughout my time listening to them, fantastic, just what I want to hear, what I want to hear more of if I'm entirely honest’

Mike McLaughlin - 3 Songs Out

'Eight is unlike anything we have heard recently, defiantly refusing to adhere to any label, it possesses bass work typically found on sludge records, a vocal range worthy of the likes of Wolfmother and crisp guitar detail normally reserved for white-hot garage grunge acts. All of this may sound chaotic but it's all put together and packaged exceptionally well, delivering an attention-grabbing record.'

Metal Saves

'It's dark, it's moody, lot of things going on there, a bit of Nine Inch Nails, a bit of Nick Cave, awesome stuff’

Naomy Jeremiah - Down The Front

'Imagine Prince, Nine Inch Nails, Suede and Pink Floyd collapsing into an absinthe-induced cloud of beauty and throw in a brutally powerful rock backbone'

Howlin’ Anton Bleak

Website Link: http://www.francescofonteband.bandcamp.com/

Genre Progressive Rock/Metal, Alternative Rock

Band Members Francesco Fonte Voice/Guitar, Douglas Wheeler Bass Guitar Wayne Casserly Drums

Home Town: London Record Label: NMTCG records

Affiliation www.torturett.wordpress.com www.8musicgroup.wordpress.com





Press contact 8snakeband@gmail.com

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‘EIGHT’ Album Out Now!

Video 'UNIVERSE GARDEN' from the album 'EIGHT'





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